FREE Pick-Up & Delivery Service to Your Door  |  Residential & Corporate Routes

How easy is route service?

A driver picks up your SimplyFresh Converta Bag from your front door, office, closet (or other predetermined location) on the specific route day in your area and returns a couple days later. The process never requires you to be home or can be a great employment perk for busy offices.

Each individual account has a credit card kept on file, billed on a monthly basis.

Route days are Monday / Thursday or Tuesday / Friday based on zip code.

 (Ex: Monday pick-up is delivered Thursday and vice versa.)

When you sign-up, select your frequency... 

  1. Automatic Weekly Pick-Up – We pick-up each week on your route day. This option is for accounts with frequent orders.
  2. On Request Pick-Up – Submit pick-up requests online, via email or call in 24/7. Contact us prior to 7:30 AM to schedule a pick-up on your route day.

For your 1st pick-up... 

Send items in a disposable bag marked with your name & paperwork. Your 1st delivery will include your SimplyFresh Converta Bag, to be used for all future pick-ups.

After submitting this form, a member of our route services team will contact you with more details.

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On Demand Customers

Please complete the form below in advance of 7:30 AM on your route day and we will schedule the pick-up.

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