Frequently Asked Questions

What is Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning?

Industry statistics show that 85% of dry cleaners nationwide use a toxic solvent known as perchloroethylene ("Perc.") According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studies have shown Perc is a toxic chemical with human health and environmental concerns. Several states are beginning to outlaw the use of Perc.

Fortunately, we are "Simply Fresh" using state of the art environmentally friendly Perc-Free machines. Eliminating Perc from your life is healthier for you, your family and preferred by allergy sufferers!

What is Wet Cleaning?

No dry cleaner's garment cleaning technique is actually "dry." Technological advancements allow more items to be wet cleaned.

Wet cleaning occurs using water, biodegradable soaps and conditioners in specially programmed machines. Wet cleaning is much different than home laundry.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studies have shown wet cleaning is the safest and most effective method of garment cleaning. Wet cleaning does not use toxic chemicals, generate hazardous waste or create air pollution. In many cases, wet cleaning is milder than home laundry.

Who do I contact to learn about pickup/delivery service?

Contact our route service team at (513)943.0700 ext 22. If all representatives are busy, feel free to leave a message with your name, delivery address, email address, and phone number and someone will get back with you shortly.

Do I have to be home for pickup/delivery service?

Absolutely not - 99% of our customers are never home. We typically hang the orders on a wreath hook on your front door. However, we can accommodate side doors, backdoors, garage doors, etc. You know your surroundings better than us. Just let us know and we can accommodate.

How often do I have to have a pickup?

You decide! When signing up, you select to have pickups on either an automatic Weekly or on a less frequent, Will Call/Email basis.

How do I pay on pickup/delivery orders?

Receipts will be included when your orders are delivered. A credit card is securely kept on file and charged on a monthly basis for the total amount of the receipts.

May I request an additional SimplyFresh Converta Bag?

Absolutely, just contact us!

Does SimplyFresh offer press only services?

We offer press only services for items that just need that finishing touch.

Is SimplyFresh's cleaning process the only thing environmentally friendly?

Absolutely not! Although the focus is on the environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaning processes, we recycle hangers, utilize garment bags made from recycled materials, tie hangers with bio-degradable twine, use a POS system to decrease paper usage, and renovated our location using recycled building products.

Does SimplyFresh accept competitor's coupons?

We accept competitor's coupons up to $5 value on dry cleaning only. Coupon must accompany incoming order. One coupon per visit. Excludes laundered shirts, alterations, leather & suede, household, bridal & formal wear, and specialty items.

Since SimplyFresh is environmentally friendly, are the prices higher?

We are priced competitive with the surrounding area, which is proven by accepting competitor's coupons. Our focus is to give the highest quality service, combined with a finished product exceeding your expectations.

What is the turnaround time for orders?

Turnaround time varies by item. Standard items such as shirts, pants, suits & more default to a regular 2 business days. In special circumstances, standard items can be expedited to sameday (Monday-Friday only) when dropped off before 9AM. No production is run on weekends.

Turnaround time for regular & down filled Comforters defaults to 3 business days.

Alterations & repairs turnaround time varies depending on the service. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for standard services and longer for zipper replacements or special services. For retail customers, a SimplyFresh customer service representative will call notifying you the order is ready. For route customers, orders are delivered upon completion.

Leather, Suede, Bridal, Drapery, UGGs, and other specialty items range from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the service and season. We recommend cleaning these items during their off-season, if possible. For retail customers, a SimplyFresh customer service representative will call notifying you the order is ready. For route customers, orders are delivered upon completion.

Do you guarantee spots will come out?

We try our best, but there is no guarantee a spot will come out. While our success rate is high, some spots just do not budge. Unfortunately, we are unable to predict the outcome ahead of time. The original culprit of the spot, length of time the spot has existed, materials and age of the item, climate the item has been in and more, factor most into the outcome. The best thing you can do is have the item professionally cleaned immediately without doing any pre-treatment.

How do I update my billing information?

Contact our customer service team at (513)943.0700 ext 11.