Pickup and Delivery

To have a route representative contact you, click here. We will let you know if your address is in our service area and provide additional information.

Residential Routes

Our route driver picks up your SimplyFresh Converta Bag from your front door on the pre-determined day in your neighborhood and delivers back a couple days later. Our pick-up & delivery days are Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday based on your neighborhood. For example, if your neighborhood is on our Monday/Thursday route, items that are picked up on Monday are returned Thursday and items picked up Thursday are returned Monday. This is easy, convenient and does not require anyone to ever be home.

On your initial pick-up, your items can be placed in any type of disposable bag. They will be returned in a SimplyFresh Converta Bag, which is used for future pick-ups. A credit card is kept on file and billed on a monthly basis.

Select the pick-up frequency when signing up:
1. Automatic Weekly Pick-Up – We automatically pick-up each week for regular users.
2. Will Call/Email when I have a Pick-Up – Contact us in advance of 7:30 AM on your route day and we will schedule a pick-up. Pick-up requests can be emailed or called in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Corporate Routes

Our corporate route service is on the same schedule as the residential route service. The only difference is our route driver picks up & delivers to your lobby, office or work closet on the predetermined days in your area.

Automatic weekly pick-ups can be scheduled for offices with regular users. Will call pick-ups can be utilized for offices with less frequent users.

This is a great employment perk to help employees save time on errands. Each employee has their own account and credit card on file, so there is no expense to the company. Credit cards are billed on a monthly basis.